Bourbon Alfort Mini Chocolate

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“Alfort” series cookies are delicious original biscuit/cookies which come in various flavors. Made to enjoy Superb Flavor by using only the finest ingredients. “Mini Chocolate Biscuits” have a Fragrant Wholemeal Biscuit and Rich Milk Chocolate.

Alfort Chocolate Cookie Original. Bite-size Chocolate Covered cookies Elegant and Delicious. These bite-sized cookies are a wonderful snack for anytime of the day. The flavor goes very well with Coffee or Tea and the box is the perfect size to take with you anywhere. Milky chocolate covered crispy cookie.

Enjoy the pleasant taste and Rich Chocolate flavored biscuit with the Sailboat Design. One box contains 12 biscuits.

Ingredients: Sugar, wheat flour, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, shortening, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, whole wheat flour, wheat bran, wheat bran, salt, wheat germ / modified starch, emulsifier (from soy), swelling agent, flavor 319 Calories per box. Allergic substances contained in this product: Wheat milk soy.

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