Lotte ZERO Sugar-Free Cake Mellow Chocolate

৳ 400.00

Zero sugar, cake, now available in Mellow Chocolat flavor! The soft and fluffy texture of the rich chocolate dough is sandwiched with a smooth chocolate cream. While being delicious and satisfying, each cake has a standard calorie count of 39kcal and is rich in dietary fiber, making it a tasty quality product for the body. Even those who are anxious about snacking can enjoy a wonderful snack.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, whole egg, shortening, maltitol, reduced sugar syrup, vegetable fats and oils, cocoa powder, food made mainly from milk, dietary fiber, cocoa sauce, cocoa paste, salt, liquor, whey mineral, nonfat milk concentrate, cocoa extract, starch, dried egg white, egg yolk, milk protein/sorbitol, emulsifier ( Soybean-derived), Liquorice, Processed starch, Sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K), Flavoring, Thickening agent (cellulose, carrageenan).


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