Meiji Almond chocolate

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Almond Matcha are Almond Nuts wrapped in Matcha Chocolate. A perfect balance of Chocolate’s Aroma with the Bitterness of Matcha and Crunchy Almonds. A Creamy Milky feeling without losing the flavor of the Roasted Almond Nuts.

Please enjoy the combination of Fragrant Almonds and delicious Matcha Chocolate.

Nutrition: (Per Box 79g), Energy 474kcal, Protein 7.9g, Lipid 33.8g, Carbohydrate 35.6g, Dietary fiber 2.8g, Salt equivalent 0.06g

Ingredients: Almond, sugar, vegetable oil, lactose, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, true tea, skim milk powder, reduced starch syrup / emulsifier, brightener, antioxidant (VC, VE, rosemary extract), coloring agent (gardenia, flavonoid) , Fragrance, (partially contains milk ingredients and soybeans)

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