Meiji Matcha Chocolate Box 26 Pieces

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Matcha Chocolate. The first Matcha flavor “Matcha Chocolate BOX” from the popular box-type chocolate series with 26 individually wrapped bite sized pieces. Newly released on September 10 nationwide (in Japan). The box chocolate series that is easy to carry and has a “Slide-Type, easy to take out” package has been well received by many customers.

“Matcha Chocolate BOX”, a chocolate that uses the “First Flush” tea leaves of the harvest season to produce Matcha with a Gorgeous Aroma and Taste. Fresh Matcha Cream wrapped in Mellow Milk Chocolate. The Sweetness of the Chocolate and Rich Gorgeous Matcha Aroma and Flavor are a perfect match. Mouth watering delicious!

Gorgeous Aroma and Umami. The Deepest Aroma of “best-picked matcha” wrapped in Mellow Milk Chocolate. Easy to eat bite size.

Nutrition: (Per Piece 4.65g), Energy 28kcal, Protein 0.28g, Lipid 1.90g, carbohydrate 2.38g, Salt equivalent 0.006g.

Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, lactose, cacao mass, cocoa butter, tea, creaming powder, skim milk powder / trehalose, emulsifier, flavor, coloring agent (gardenia, flavonoid), (partly including milk ingredients and soybeans).

Size: Height: 9 cm. Width: 13 cm. Depth: 2.3 cm. Weight: 120.9 grams.

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