Meiji Rich Strawberry Chocolate Sandwich

৳ 600.00

Meiji Rich Chocolate Strawberry Sand is a sandwich biscuit consisting of two cocoa-flavored biscuits filled with a thick layer of strawberry cream. Fans of sweets that contain both chocolate and fruity flavors need to check these out!

Enjoy the balance between the mellow cocoa notes along with the sweetness of real strawberries. The filling has the sweet aroma and sour taste of fresh strawberries as Meiji only uses the highest quality real strawberries in their recipe.

Perfect Japanese sandwich biscuits for snacking or to give to someone as a special gift.

ingredients: wheat flour (wheat), sugar, shortening (partially hydrogenated palm oil, coconut oil), cocoa butter 5%, full-fat milk powder (milk), vegetable oil: palm, dried strawberries 70%, cocoa powder 5%, apple flesh, salt, leavening agent: sodium bicarbonate, emulsifier: lecithin (soy), aroma, acidity.


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