AGF Blendy Stick Instant Coffee Cafe AU Lait Powder 30 Sticks

৳ 1,500.00

AGF Blendy Au Lait instant coffee 30 “sticks” are all-in-one individually wrapped instant coffee “sticks” Just add one “stick” (sachet) to hot water 180ml for a delicious cup of Espresso Au Lait Fresh and easy to carry because they are packaged individually for each cup. It can be carried to offices outdoors or anywhere. Recommended for every occasion. A Deep rich coffee flavor with a creamy mild sweetness you can enjoy in your favorite Mug or Cup. For those who want less sweetness, this Espresso Au-Lait type coffee has a 60% Reduction of sugar.

Ingredients: Creaming powder (including milk component) (domestic production), sugar, instant coffee / pH adjuster, milk protein, flavor (milk derived), emulsifier, sweetener (aspartame / L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K), fine oxidation Silicon, seasonings (amino acids, etc.)


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