Fujiya Anpanman Candy 110 gm

৳ 400.00

These Anpanman candies are made by Fujiya – a long-established confectionary manufacturer in Japan. If you didn’t know, Anpanman is one of the most famous anime series among young children in Japan. It features Anpanman – a superhero with a head shaped like “anpan” (a type of Japanese pastry filled with red bean in the middle). You can find Anpanman almost every where in Japan, from toys and stationeries, to candies and snacks!

Each of these Fujiya Anpanman Candy Bags contains four different fruit flavours of individually wrapped hard candies – Strawberry, Orange, Apple, and Grape. The individual wrappers feature different characters from the Anpanman franchise, and the candies themselves are shaped like Anpanman himself! The candies also contain added calcium and green tea polyphenols so they are also recommended for children!


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